Here can you learn how to make some Cuban Cocktails

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Cuba is the sugar island. And from the sugar the alcohol is extracted and from this spirits are produced. The spiritous liquor, subjected to an aging process and subsequently distillation, gives origen to a rum of exquisit quality, chemically pure - Cuban rum; so famous in the world as its tobacco.
In the 19th century the rum industry achieved its greatest development. Distilleries were constructed in Cárdenas, Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos and La Habana. Subsequently varios brands came into being: "Campeón", "Obispo", "San Carlos", "Jiquí, "Bocoy", "Albuerne", "Bacardí "Castillo" and "Havana Club". The last one was founded in Cárdenas (Matanzas) in 1878.
The brand "Havana Club" is the most popular Cuban rum in the world, but other brands have also managed to penetrate the difficult and sometimes exclusive market of drinks; among these it is worth mentioning "Caney", "Legendario", "Matusalén", "Varadero", "Bucanero", "Caribbean Club" and "Edmundo Dantés" with 25 years of preservation.

Cuban rum can be consumed alone (strike) or with ice (on the rocks). In this case the most ideal rums are the golden ones (with five years of preservation) or the aged ones (seven years).
White rum or "carta blanca" (with three yares of preservation) are prefered for cocktails together with "carta plata"
Cuba has an ample variety of cocktails, many of which have gone around the world and are served in any bar of the orb.
Among the many famous cuban cocktails are:

Cuba Libre: maybe the most internationally famous: white rum, cola, a bit of lime juice, ice and a slice of lime.

Mojito: a refreshing blend of rum, lime juice,sugar, soda, ice and mint (yerba buena).

Daiquirí: rum, sugar, lime juice and crushed ice.

Mulata: similar to daiquirí, but with aged rum and cocoa cream.

Havana Special: white rum, "marrasquino", lime and pineapple juices, ice.

Piña Colada: another of the most internationally famous, coconut cream, pineapple juice, white rum on ice, all blended.

Cubanito: lime juice, salt, english sauce, hot sauce, ice and white rum.

Isla de Pinos: sugar, grapefruit, red vermouth, ice and white rum..

Manhattan: angostura, red vermouth, ice and gold rum.

High Ball: white rum, ice and soda or ginger.

Presidente: red curacao, vermouth Amat or Chamberry, white rum, one sour cherry and orange peel.

Saoco: white rum, coconut water and ice.

Cuba Bella: mint cream, "granadina", lime suice, ice, white rum and y aged rum .