About Club Mi Salsa

√ The last saturday every month 22:00 to 03:00
√ The most Central salsaclub
√ Danceflor for 400 dancers
√ Plays: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggaeton, etc
√ Different themes every time, DJ, live singer, show, etc
√ Good sound quality, service....
√ Host: DJ Nrike,
√ Club was founded on 4 october 2009,
√ Is also a legal company, read under Mi Salsa Company

History Behim Mi Salsa
I, DJ Nrike, was working on the same place for 5 years every thursdays, fridays and saturdays from 2004 to august 2009.
But after 5 years I decided to start my own club. First party was held on saturday 3-sunday 4 of october 2009.

 The name Mi Salsa:
Elio Revé is a great band leader from Cuba, one of his hits is the song Mi Salsa. The song was so popular in Cuba that even a TV salsa program in Cuba got the Mi Salsaname, and the song was representing the TV program.

So I call Elito Revé him and asked if I could use the name of his song Mi Salsa to my new club and he said YES!

Why a ring?
I was thinking what is the item representing Cuba the best and at last I agree that it is a cigar.
That ring is a gold cigarring. Normaly the cigar rings are made of paper but they exist in gold too. You can get it with the same cigar mark that you usually smoke and after smoking you can use it like a normal finger ring.

I decided to have a cigar gold ring as Mi Salsa logotype because I would like to organise a Mi Salsa dance competition someday. And the winning couple will get 2 gold cigarring, one for her one for him.