The Cuban map 

11 000 000 people
 Mixes rases, you name it
 3000 kms long, 200 kr wade

Flag 1850

3 blue rands= Tre front in the independ war
 2 wite rands= The pure cuban ideals
 Red triangel= The speld blud on independece war
 Star= Independence
The equilateral triangle is a clear reference to the yearning for liberty,
equality and fraternity. The color red portends the spilling of blood that would be required to win independence. The single star located in the middle of the triangle is a symbol of absolute freedom. The three blue stripes represent the eastern, central and western provinces into which the island was formerly divided. The two white strips signify the purity and virtue of the Cuban people.

Cuban Shield

Star: Ligting the continent
Sun= Tomorrow hop
Key= Cuba betrwen Soth & North america
Busque= Medicin in war

This is gothic shaped. On the upper parts there is a golden key that symbolizes the key position of the island, at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico and between the two Americas while the rising sun represents a new nation. Three blue strips in the bottom left section are a reference to the regions into which the country was divided during the colonial period. In the bottom right section, the royal palm (symbol of the nobility and the
steadfastness of Cubans), the mountains and the clear blue sky
represent a typical Cuban landscape.
A bundle of eleven staff that symbolizes the unity of the Cuban
people in the struggle for freedom supports the shield, crowned by a Phrygian cap on which there is a white star. Bordering the shield, to the right, there is an oak branch, and to the left, a laurel branch, representing strength and victory. 

National bird. Tocororo

The Trogon bird a native species whose plumage has the same colors as the Cuban flag.

It is a bird that not predominates much. It can be seen in very dense forests. For example in Soroa the population of this bird is well balanced

National tree. La Palma Real

Becouse bring roff. walls, fodd

The wood from the bark is used as walls and is very durable.
The leaves are shaped trough tiles that make water run easily.
The fruit of the palm is like a coconut but much smaller. It has no water inside but the taste is the same. It has a very high level of protein. It can be eaten directly or mixed and cooked with rise. It is also used as the fundamental basis of the feeding of pigs.

National flower. Mariposa

The cuban liverty trops hided theirs confidencials documents betrwing this flowers leaves. 

Butterfly lily (a type of white-colored jasmine that is exquisitely perfumed)

National Anthem

The music and lyrics were composed by Pedro (Perucho) Figueredo, from Bayamo, at the start of the independence struggles. As a patriotic
song, it was sung for the first time on October 20, 1868, by the inhabitants of Bayamo.

Important dates:

January 1: Liberation Day. Anniversaryof the Triumph of the Revolution
May 1: International Workers' Day.
July 25, 26 and 27: Festivities in honor of the July 26, 1953 attack on Moncada Garrison.
October 10: Beginning of the Wars of Independence.

National saint
La Caridad del Cobre

National sport. Baseball

Winns shampionships:
Word shampionship
Olimpic games
World cups

Cuban national game: Dominó

People in Cuba play domino a several hours every day.
When they are playing it looks like a  hot fight. People scream on eachother beat the domino table.

But that's just a part of the game

Cuban national dress: Guayabera

No so many people use it nowdays mostly some old people or cheffs some show dancers, rumba dancers, restaurant bar stafe,
delegaton team


National shoes. Doble tono

No so many people use it nowdays mostly some old people, some show dancers, restaurant bar stafe delegation team

National rom. Havana Club

Cuban national drink: Mojito

Mint leaves, sugar, lime, rum, water, ice cubes. Like an original Mojito.
But over time has created new mojitos. Mojito with cucumber, strawberry mojito, and so on.

The original mojito mades ​​with ice cubes, but the bars do it with frappe ice becouse it melt faster and the customer will drink it faster before it becomes water.

Some people do not take the risk that it can be to sweet or sour and changes the flavor, they use sprite.
Others already have water mixed with sugar and ready to mix with the other ingredients.
But the original Mojito made ​​with grains of sugar that is added to the glass when doing the Mojito (Live)