Club Behavior

I don't  try to disrespect anybody, I'm just a carrier of the comments that mades ​​in parties. Take my advice if you want but if not, continue as before. 
DJ Nrike

Do not eat garlic or onions before going to dance. But if you do it, drink much milk to neutralize the odor

Use deodorant before you leave home, You don´t feel your own smell but the other people feel it

√ Please if you smoke, wash your hands and take some chewing-gum before you invite someone to dance

Choose a perfume that is right for the party, but be aware that when you sweat the perfume may change

Dance Technique

No clubbed your hands when you're dancing, No hard hands.

Do not try to dance more than you know, because it can looks like a cat on a hot plate when you don't have control of your body. Make all kind of experiment at home or in the dance classes but in not in the dancefloor in parties.

Try to know how close you can dance with your partner, do not force your partner to dance in a way that you think the is most successful approaches

Dance Codes
If someone invites you to dance and you say no, try doing it in a discreet and friendly way. Do not say no exaggeration gestures because it can feel embarrassed.

√ If you are distant from someone you want to invite to dance, try to take eyes contact before going to the person. With your body language look and asks if that person want to dance. That way you can avoid that previous embarrassed situation.

Class Codes

If you are a guy and someone you know has a drink, you never ask him/her if you can taste the drink of the glass of this person. For you it is probably completely normal, but for most of people it's disgusting, immoral and low class.

√ That you've spent X amount of money on drinks with a girl. That does not automatically mean that she has to go to bed with you.

√ You never fight to the cashier at the club because you think that the entry is very expensive. The first thing she cashier will think is. What kind of people is it who come here to have fun but don't want to pay for the work of others. This is embarrassing.

Never whistle or yell at the bartender to order something. The bartender gets very angry even though it says nothing

In a club there are many people without a partner. Why try to conquer someone who is allready busy and hes/her partner is there?  Almost always the only thing that it brings is problems. Jealousy, misunderstandings, hatred.

 Be careful how you express yourself in front of supposed parties friends. Do not criticize anyone for the way they are. Because tomorrow maybe your supposed friends are not your friends anymore. I especially have seen so many people getting critic and in the end they ends up doing the same.